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Lisa Seay

Educator, Administrator, BA, BS, MS, HNIC

Remus Lupin Seay

Quality Control

Science is a serious business. This seems rather childish.

Every good scientist looks at the world around us with a sense of childlike wonder and excitement. Of cource, there is a difference between childlike and childish. I know the difference. I just choose it ignore it. Anyone who thinks I’m childish is a poopy-head anyway.

Why? Just…..why?

This website arose out of the desire to stay alive. Due to underlying health reasons, the Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 has me locked down tighter than my stretch pants on Thankgiving. My school is closed down, and I’ve been told it’s too dangerous to stalk the aisles of Target, whispering “hey kid…wanna learn some science?” to random passing children. One more search for weapons-grade plutonium on Amazon will bring the Feds down on me (again), so this is me, seeking a safe and sane outlet for my nerdiness.